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Past Workshops

  • Design Leadership

    Demonstrating the value of design in business is key to positioning and growing the design organization, yet this has been a vexing challenge for designers. Design needs to expertly assess and express value. Using metrics that matter to business leaders is key to meeting them halfway in their quest to understand what design can do for them.

  • Wayshowing > Wayfinding Design

    Wayshowing means helping users and visitors to find their way (primarily) in built environments. Wayshowing assists wayfinding. Good wayshowing is user-centered. It is based on a deep understanding of wayfinding: how we intuitively orientate and navigate in unknown territory.

  • Creation of Brand Power through Packaging Design

    Packaging design can’t be explained precisely by a word. Its field is widely spread. You should have knowledge about marketing strategy such as fixing a price, analyzing product itself and sales system. During limited 2days workshop, you will experience virtual project from product planning to package design development with me.

  • Visualizing The Big Data

    The course is structured around the utilitarian use of data visualizations built on the principles of data science. Alongside a substantial selection of projects, key publications such as Envisioning Information and Data Flow: Visualizing Information in Graphic Design will serve as inspiration.

  • The Power of Infographics

    This two-day workshop provides the foundation to understand the role of visual storytelling with infographics and go through the process of creating them. In addition to principles of graphing and data management, the course focuses on design principles, the use of alternative forms and how to add personality to a visualisation.


How do I apply for the workshop?

Please feel free to drop us an e-mail (admin@methodology.sg), and we’ll send you the application form to reserve your seat.

How often are the workshops conducted?

They are conducted around once a month for 2016, with different speakers and topics.

Who can enroll?

The workshops are suitable for both professionals and non-designers unless specified.

How many people are there in a workshop?

We limit our workshop sizes to 25 to 30 people.

How do I make payment?

We accept the following payment methods: via e-invoice for government agencies, bank transfer and cheque. We will confirm your seat upon receipt of payment/issue of e-invoice.

If you are from a government agency that require billing through Gebiz e-invoice, we can submit it at a later date with 30 days credit terms for you.

Are there subsidies from WDA?

Our courses are in partnership with WDA and hence subsidized by them. Prices indicated are subsidized.

What currencies do you accept?

We only accept SGD.

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We believe that design can make a positive difference to the world and we seek to be custodians of this change by curating and sharing the world’s best creative ideas and design processes.

We collaborate with global leaders at the forefront of design, craft and innovation to develop education programs, workshops, conferences and media.

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