Ripley Lin

Ripley is a facilitator, graphic recorder, scribe and creator of rich conversation environments. She loves sharing with others how they can do this too, in their own individual and unique ways.

Born into a family of artists, Ripley has a background in fine arts, photography and interactive art installations. For a time she focused on opening up the eyes, ears and hands and minds of pre-schoolers. She led them all on art-discovery expeditions, observing together what a tree really is, or a bicycle or clouds, then freeing them each to make their own art of these items, and then moving them all to group appreciation for the art of each child. At some point the adults started wanting this, too. It was freeing, it was liberating to no longer have the sense that there is only 1 right answer. Ripley is a deep practitioner of the facilitation methods of ICA (the Institute of Cultural Affairs), the whole level listening of U.Lab and TheoryU, and the world-changing vision of ValueWeb. Based in Taiwan, Ripley also travels often to China, France and other places for her work. Capturing and visualizing the essence of a conversation or creating immersive visual environments – that’s what Ripley’s DNA leads her to do.

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